Pong History & Success

Pong was a very simple game created in 1972 by Allan Alcorn. Allan was an Atari engineer at that time and he experimented with all kinds of game ideas that would help the company create something new and different. The Pong game classic idea was something he found really interesting and unique, and he did want to create something that was immersive, exciting but also rather different at the same time. And this fits all the boxes.

When and how it was made? Who made it?

Nolan Bushnell which co-founded Atari hired Allan because he had a lot of experience with engineering, and Pong was born from that. The first iteration was named computer space, it was similar but harder to play and it was too complicated. Alcorn went and made the game more appealing, he integrated the idea of physics and he made everything look like table tennis. The rest is pretty much history and a great reminder of the hard work and commitment that these two had towards the idea of pushing their vision to the next level in a different and rewarding way. After a few months, they also wanted to add some other things like a roaring crowd and sound effects. It was a challenge to add those because they had to create sounds with digital circuits. But after a lot of iterations, they eventually got there and brought in those ideas to life in a pretty clever fashion, that’s for sure.

How old is Pong?

In 2020, Pong is 48 years old. That says a lot about how impressive this game was and how it managed to stand the test of time. Few games got to do that, a testament to how interesting and different this title really got to be. Of course, there were numerous versions but at the end of the day, it was one of those things that brought in a lot of cool ideas to the table and people enjoyed it quite a bit. As you can see, it doesn’t take a huge, massive game to make a splash, you can easily have something simple that also delivers plenty of value and quality into the mix. They had multiple versions out there, including arcades. For a lot of people, the most popular one was the Home Pong console created by Atari, which was released in 1975 through sears. It got to become one of the coolest game consoles of that generation and people loved it just because it was very different and exciting to use at the same time. The console first shipped 150000 units, and many more were bought after that. Pong continues to be an iconic game after almost half a century and that says a lot about the idea and the game itself. It’s unlike many other games out there, and it continues to show that with the right ideas you can bring anything to life and push it to that next level. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it will surely eliminate the hassle and bring in astounding benefits!